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  • Steve previously taught Stan to cry in "Every Which Way But Lose".
  • Although traditionally a vegetarian dish, Jackson once got a rat in his ratatouille and liked it.
  • Dick confuses Bolognese for bologna.
  • Carol swore an oath to the CEO of Best Buy to uphold the integrity of the contest on a DVD 3-pack of Die Hard, Little Women and The Natural.
  • Even though his HVAC business is struggling, Roger's fruit leather belt company is still thriving.
  • Dick dates a literal catfish.
  • Stan is unable to see Dr. Ray Petit due to him being dead that particular day.
  • Hooper is the only one rooting for Stan in the crying contest.
  • "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan plays during the commercial when Steve tries to teach Stan how to cry.
  • "See the Big Man Crying" by Charlie Louvin plays as Steve tries to settle Stan's crying.
Jackson Office.png
  • Jackson's office contains a gold record, the leg lamp from A Christmas Story and a portrait of him with Cleveland Brown. Both characters were voiced by Mike Henry at the time of broadcast.
  • Robert Wuhl was a five-time winner of the Best Buy Best Boy award.