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Stan injures himself in a sensitive area.

Season: 9 Episode: 04
Total Episode Count: 156
Prod. no.: 8AJN03
First Aired: November 10, 2013

Featuring: Stan Smith, Steve Smith
Also Appearing: Hayley, Francine, Roger, Klaus, Snot, Barry, Toshi, Samantha, General Hector Aldozar, Mr. & Mrs. Baby, Harper, Matilda, JonBenét Ramsey
Musical Numbers: Climb Ev'ry Mountain

Director: Tim Parsons, Jennifer Graves

Writers: Dan Vebber
Storyboarders: Brian Mainolfi, Valentino So

Roger's Disguise: Herschel Herschbaum from "Bar Mitzvah Hustle"


As Steve leads his friends in the local gardening club, Francine admires their garden but Steve objects to her making him look uncool. Meanwhile, Roger, Hayley and Klaus prepare a Balalaika group hoping to hit the big time but no one wants to see them. As Stan wanders out by the garden, he steps on a rake and is injured. His testicles retreat into his body, leaving him with a high-pitched voice. Everyone, and particularly Roger, makes light of the situation. The trio bicker when their group fails to hit it big and vow to go their own ways.

Looking for tomato cages, the boys discover they have no money and decide to steal it. Getting a rush, they look for more places to steal from but are caught. Francine is called by a store clerk as she promises to teach him a lesson. As Steve fears the worst, she reveals that she has had a successful career as a thief and impresses him, promising to teach him how to steal. They work their way around the mall, helping themselves non-stop.


Back home, they distribute their goods to the family but Stan is disappointed in their deed and extracts a promise to quit stealing. At the mall again, Steve refuses to hang out with Francine and she talks him into one last big score at The Gash, the one store even she feared hitting. As she waits for him after, he fails to arrive and she discovers he was caught, forced to work in the store sweatshop. Francine sets out to save Steve after Stan refuses to help. Stalking the store security as they ship off other shoplifters, Francine discovers where they hold Steve. To mark Francine's departure, Stan sings in his high-pitched voice and reunites the trio with their dreams of success until his testicles drop back down, ruining their dream.

Posing as an inspector, Francine infiltrates the factory and enlist the help from another prisoner, Matilda, and she promises to help her escape for her aid in locating Steve. To sneak Steve out, she attempts to stuff him under her skirt, but he falls out and she uses one of Stan's grenades to blow their way out of the factory. Six months after their escape, she suddenly remembers her promise to help as Matilda curses her for leaving her behind.