Jack attacking Roger

Con Heir
Stan's real father reappears after a 20 year absence to recruit Stan for a top-secret mission.

Season: 1 Episode: 11
Total Episode Count: 11
Prod. no.: 1AJN11
First Aired: October 2, 2005

Guest Starring: Sherry Weston, Daran Norris
Featuring: Stan Smith, Jack Smith
Also Appearing: Steve, Roger, Klaus, Francine, Hayley, Grandpa Smith, Gretchen, Bobby, Jackson, Avery Bullock, Duper, Father Donovan, Snot, Toshi, Barry
Director: Albert Calleros
Assistant Director: Edgar Larrazábal
Writers: Steve Hely
Storyboarders: Aldin Baroza, Shawn Murray, Harry Sabin

Newspaper Headline: "Scientist Discovers Wife Cheating"

Plot: Bullock tells Stan that they’ve found an Al Qaeda training camp in remote Algeria. The CIA is going to infiltrate the camp. Stan is excited to go, but Bullock tells him that because he’s a family man, he has to stay back in Langley and book their flights.

At home, Steve is sitting on the couch with his grandpa when Roger walks in. Roger tells Grandpa that he’s just a faded memory. Stan comes home, complaining about how his career is stalled. Francine says he at least has a loving family, but that isn’t enough for Stan. He’s a killing machine. Francine advises Stan to talk to Bullock. Stan decides he’ll put a bomb in Bullock’s office and defuse it to show what he’s got.


The next day, Bullock finds the bomb. Stan pulls out his instruction to defuse it, but his glasses fall off his face and break. Agent Duper comes in and save the day. Stan comes home and again complains, but Steve has bigger news. Grandpa is dead. At the funeral, super spy Jack Smith choppers in. Stan introduces him to the family as Stan’s real father. The family is outraged that Stan hid this secret. But Stan is thrilled to have his real dad back. He’s also excited to hear Jack’s stories about working for the super-secret Scarlet Alliance.

Steve is cleaning out his fake grandpa’s apartment at the retirement home when an old friend, Gretchen, drops by. They briefly share memories, then start making out. That night, Francine is frustrated by Stan’s unabashed admiration of his father. At the same time, Roger is raving about him to Hayley. Roger is developing quite the crush.

The next day, Jack tells Stan he’s retiring and asks Stan to take his place. If he can help Jack complete one last mission in Langley Falls, the job is Stan’s. Jack goes over the mission with Stan. They have to break into the National Gallery of Art because terrorist have smuggled uranium into the country inside Egyptian artwork. Jack and Stan have to get the uranium before the terrorists do.

The FBI drops by the Smith household. Francine answers the door. They tell her they’re looking for a jewel thief. Jack fits the physical description perfectly. Later, while Stan is exercising outside, Francine confronts Jack about his real identity. She says if he doesn’t Stan the truth, she will.


Meanwhile, Steve tells his school friends about his torrid affair with Gretchen. At home that night, Stan tells Francine that Jack told him the truth. Francine’s a spy. Stan tasers her and jails her in a Plexiglas box in the basement. Steve drops by the retirement home for another bout with Gretchen. But when he gets inside, he sees Snot’s jeans hanging on a chair. Steve is heartbroken.

Jack and Stan begin their break-in. And Roger finds Francine in her clear jail. He’s about to let her out when she says Jack told Stan she was a spy. Roger’s mancrush kicks in and he leaves Francine in the basement. Back at the museum, Jack and Stan break into the vault. Stan starts looking for the uranium, but Jack just collects valuables. Stan realizes Francine was right. He tells Jack he’s not going to run off to an island with him. Jack locks him in the vault and takes off.

Stan escapes from the vault and finds Jack outside. A chase ensues. Stan catches Jack before too long. Jack apologizes, so Stan takes the jewels and him free. Stan rushes home and apologizes to Francine.

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