The Common Garden Snake of Rumallah is a terrorist bomb expert that the CIA captures in "Phantom of the Telethon". Although his name does not sound intimidating, he claims that it would sound much scarier in the Arabic language. When the Democratically controlled Congress cuts the CIA torture budget, Stan steals Roger's idea to hold a telethon to raise money to be able to resume torturing their suspects. Stan presents the Common Garden Snake of Rumallah as an example of the terrorists they need to torture. When Roger becomes furious with Stan for stealing his idea, claiming it for his own and claiming Roger is lying about having come up with the idea, Roger tries to sabotage the telethon, including freeing the Common Garden Snake of Rumallah. When Stan is able to find Roger, they also find the Snake has also planted bombs all around the studio where the telethon is being held. The Snake forces Stan to put on a show pretending to be the United States and Israel with a promise to disarm the bombs, but when he tells Stan he lied about disarming the bomb, Stan realizes his errors. Roger attacks the Snake to force him to tell the code to disarm the bombs and Stan decides to show the audience that an amateur doing the torture is not good enough. They raise the money so Stan and the CIA can do the job professionally and they get the code to disarm the bombs.

The Common Garden Snake of Rumallah is voiced by Amir Talai.

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