Comb Over: A Hair Piece/Notes

  • Stan previously revealed he was bald in "Chimdale".
  • Hayley can do an excellent imitation of Steve and Klaus, although Steve finds fault in some of her phrasing.
  • Francine pays for a Doris Kearns Goodwin Masterclass.[1]
  • Roger's Place has a fireman's pole.
  • Tuttle is a match when Stan needs new kidneys.
    • Following the kidney-hair transplant, Stan spends 3 months in a coma.
    • While admiring his new hair, Stan compares himself to the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.
  • 'Josay Bosay' claims to have had an affair with Morgan Fairchild.
    • He also claims to have have had a tiff with Rod Stewart over Victoria Principal, although Rod thought he was gay.
  • Although he does not appear in person, pictures of Jeff appear in Klaus' alcove.
  • The Bev Hillz hotel is modeled after the famed Beverly Hills Hotel.
  • Although actually born in the UK, Memphis Stormfront believes Rod Stewart to be from Australia.
  • Roger calls the new style he gives Rod Stewart the 'Clooney', a style that is identified as almost as 'out-of-date' as his famed look.

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