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  • Roger is in a football helmet in the opening disguise to celebrate the Super Bowl, rather than a previous episode disguise.
  • Stan's "kill count" includes an agent that he let die when he refused a bone-marrow transplant with despite being a perfect match.
  • Delroy from "The Boring Identity" appears in a bus.
  • Bullock says that the IHOP the terrorist is going to blow is the same one where he saw Quinton Aaron, the actor who played "Big Mike" Oher in The Blind Side.
  • The Hotel Ritchey is named after animation producer Diana Ritchey.
  • The Saint Dante Orphanage is a nod to assistant director Dante Fabiero.
  • Jeff Watley is the same guy who was in Dick's car trunk in "Stan's Night Out".
  • AC/DC's "If You Want Blood" plays as Stan gathers people for the IHOP.
  • When Stan wakes up, Francine notes among the several nice things he did was watching The Notebook film.

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