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Coach Melonis

Coach Melonis is a Jr. varsity football coach that finds he has to share space at a dog park with Steve and his friend's in their role-playing game in "The Nova Centauris-Burgh Board Of Tourism Presents: American Dad".

When Francine joins the game as a princess and expands the perimeter to encroach on the football field, their cardboard game setting are burned in retaliation. Confronting Coach Melonis, Francine is forced to retreat when faced with the reality that she is in an imaginary setting with a bunch of children.

After getting back her resolve to play again but be fair about it, she confronts the Melonis and speaking calmly, convinces him that there is room for both groups. He admits he wishes that they had fans to watch them play and imagines himself as a real coach, instead of listening to Phil Collins on his headset. As a result, the team joins the fantasy as a team from outer space and gets the gamers to be their audience.