Coach Keegan is the former wrestling coach at Pearl Bailey High School. When he was caught teaching some unorthodox wrestling styles to the boys, he was made the baseball coach instead. When Stan Smith fails to prevent Roger from breaking his state record for consecutive wrestling wins in "The Wrestler", he finds that he did set a new record for the longest man-on-man embrace, a record previously held by Coach Keegan who notes that records were made to be broken.

Coach Keegan is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in this appearance.

He admires Toshi's butt as he climbs rope in "Naked to the Limit, One More Time".

In "Introducing the Naughty Stewardesses", Keegan appears as the school football coach who tells Figgus to drop his girlfriend Jenna to concentrate on football, leaving the door open for Steve to try to win her over. But when he fails, Roger talks him into swapping faces using one of his alien devices. But when she tells him he's pregnant, both Roger and Steve have to find a way to get her hooked back up with Figgus. Roger uses the device to swap faces with the coach to relive Figgus of the extra football time to be with Jenna. In addition to telling the coach not to tell anyone what has happened, they also have him throw the same football play twenty two times in a row in order to win a bet with Sammy. Although listed as "Coach Brian Sanders" in the press release[1], the football coach has appeared previously as Keegan and is listed in the episode appearances as such since he remains unnamed in the episode. Here, he is voiced by Kyle Chandler.

He is one of the savage survivors in "The Two Hundred".

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