Clara was one of the teachers at Pearl Bailey High School.

She is Hayley's teacher in "Stan Knows Best".

In "A Ward Show", Steve Smith asks her for a cup of hot chocolate while doing accounting for Principal Lewis in the teacher's lounge. When she rolls her eyes, Principal Lewis threatens her with spending the summer teaching summer school. When Steve throws the hot chocolate at her. Principal Lewis says that is how you lose your summer. After Lewis is fired by Roger, Clara is among the teachers that beat up Steve, including throwing hot chocolate back in his face. When Roger finds out, he gets revenge by killing the teachers involved by blowing up their cars.

Clara's design is also used for similar characters, such as one appearing on the kiss cam in "Kiss Kiss, Cam Cam" and a woman watching the news in "Anchorfran".

Clara is voiced by Robin Bartlett in "Stan Knows Best" and by Sally Struthers in "A Ward Show".

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