Chuck White is a gloating neighbor who usually outdoes Stan. He first appeared in "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man", when Stan was spying on him through binoculars while the White family were getting ready for church.

He is married to Christie, who cheats on him as established in "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives", although he is seen at Tito's with another woman in "The Longest Distance Relationship" and with yet another woman at the wedding of Dr. Kalgary in "Family Plan".

The couple have a daughter, Betsy, who had a romantic relation with Steve and later left to go to her aunt because she got pregnant with Roger's egg. He also has a son that only showed up in two scenes of "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man" and is completely ignored.

He is the owner of White Used Cars.

Chuck has a distinctive laugh, which he ends most sentences with. He generally laughs when mocking people such as Stan, but also laughs when angry or depressed.

Chuck and Christie attend Tuttle's eclipse party in "Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted". Despite owning his car lot, he can be seen working at the TV Guide building in "Rabbit Ears". He is also seen on the flight to Russia in "Russian Doll".

Episode Appearances

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