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The Chimdale Mountain Inn is where Hayley and Jeff Fischer stopped to take a break when they ran away to elope in "100 A.D."

While Hayley takes a walk to consider her future, Jeff sees that Stan has offered a reward to anyone who will stop the wedding. Jeff decides to call and offer to cancel if he can have the money. Stan and Francine meet Jeff at a roadside store where Jeff takes the money and tells them to find Hayley back at the motel where Hayley is desperately trying to avoid everyone trying to capture her. Stan arrives and announces that Jeff was already given the reward. Francine tells her that Jeff is no good and Hayley leaves to get her stuff.

Puzzled when Hayley takes too long to get her stuff, Stan and Francine break into the motel room to find the motel manager had hanged himself. Hayley left a note explaining that they plotted to rip off her parents for the reward money so they could elope in style, although Hayley points out it was Jeff's idea. Stan finally becomes impressed with the resourcefulness of the two as Jeff and Hayley ride off together.