Carbunkle's Tailor Shop is where Steve is talked into buying Solomon Chantez Le Bas' handkerchief while suit shopping in "Gift Me Liberty". The handkerchief seems to immediately change Steve's luck, as a girl asks him to be her date for the Winter Harvest Dance. However, he discovers that she has used him to distract her parents so she can secretly go out with her bad-boy boyfriend Wyatt.

Other girls, noting the success of the ruse, pay him as well as he flourishes the handkerchief for their parents as they run off with their forbidden boyfriends, then he uses it to smooth their lipstick when returning them. At the following Winter Harvest dance, the girls all turn up ill as well as their boyfriends, with at least one fatality. The Center for Disease Control raids the dance, having traced the deadly virus to the handkerchief as Steve discovers that he has been immune due to his sexual immaturity.

In "The Hall Monitor and the Lunch Lady", Stan and Roger witness Carbunkle meet a hideous death when he is caught in an escalator.

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