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  • The episode's initial airdate was October 21st, but the NLCS Baseball Playoff Game 6 bumped all Animation Domination sitcoms off of the evening schedule.
  • Hayley makes no appearance in the episode.
  • During the "Shots" sequence, Francine copies some of the dance moves made by LMFAO in their music video of the song.
  • One of the members of Boyz 12 is actually a girl.
  • "Girl You Need A Shot (Of B12 (Boyz 12))" was released in March 16, 2012 by FOX on Youtube, almost 8 months before this episode aired. The pre-release version of the video features slight variations from the broadcast version, notably in the personality countdown.
  • Stan's half-brother Rusty is mentioned when Stan attempts to scalp the disguised Francine.
  • Toshi speaks English during "Girl You Need A Shot (Of B12 (Boyz 12))".
  • Klaus mentions the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole version of "Over the Rainbow" during a rant that breaks the fourth wall. Roger would later sing the song while dressed as Israel in "Spelling Bee My Baby".
  • During the countdown in the B12 music video, the boys are dressed in pajamas which appear to be influenced by the TLC music video for "Creep".[1]
  • Among the items on the calendar is an entry for Ma Ma's birthday on the 19th, followed by a week of colonics for Roger.
  • Just inside the entrance to the CIA Chill House is an antlered rabbit, commonly known as a jackalope.
  • Stan pulls his gun on the same overweight hiker that appeared in "Old Stan in the Mountain" and insulted him.
  • Lew Schneider says that his janitor friend that Arista outdid him with Boyz 13. A year before this episode's premiere, Arista had shut down in 2011, only to be revived 7 years after its shutdown.

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