• Steve's Summer Camp in Africa is one of the very few vacations that the Smiths did not go into the goo chambers.
  • Sir Mix-a-Lot's song, "Baby Got Back", is featured at the talent contest.
  • When Steve first meets Makeva, Toto's "Africa" briefly plays in the background. This song is played again when Stan and Steve look over the photo of the assembled campers at the end of the episode; previously Stan mumbles an incorrect version of the lyrics in "Bullocks To Stan".
  • While giving Steve advice on his camp love, Stan tells him that chicks dig Hall & Oates. Later on, at the dance, the Hall & Oates song "One on One" is heard.
  • The camp t-shirts Stan buys for the campers happen to be E! Entertainment t-shirts.
  • Stan says that Africa reminds him of Arizona except that they probably celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Arizona was the last state to celebrate said public holiday, a fact noted by the song "By the Time I Get to Arizona" by Public Enemy, who's song "911 Is a Joke" was presented in "Finances With Wolves". Additionally, Arizona no longer recognizes Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday; instead, the holiday is known as Civil Rights Day.

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