• For the first time since the first season, Roger has a significant role without wearing a disguise in this episode.
  • Stan and Bullock mention the film Herbie Goes Bananas.
  • The interrogator and the Thailand solders discuss not pausing the One Direction film. One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert Film was released earlier in 2014.
  • Dick compliments Stan on his head of hair, despite Stan being bald in "Chimdale" and wearing a wig.
  • Hooper saw nothing wrong with leading the team to Burger King, as opposed to Del Taco.
  • The interrogator names his yaks "Yaks Cousteau" after Jacques Cousteau, "Yakie O" after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, also known as Jackie O, "Yakie Chan" after Jackie Chan and "Yakety Yak - Don't Talk Back" after the song "Yakety Yak" by the Coasters. Inspired by Stan calling him a maniac, the interrogator buys another yak to be named "Maniyak".
  • Dick mentions that he has never seen the movie Argo. However, he mentions in "Stan Time" that thanks to the pills that prevent you from sleeping, he was in the process of watching every movie ever made.
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