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  • In a shot of the house after Stan finds Hayley with Bullock, a tree appears in the front yard that is not used in any other views of the house.
  • At the diner when Bullock is telling Stan that he passed, people appear and disappear from the booths at various times.
  • There's a small pool of blood at the back of Avery's head when Stan stands over his with the bar stool but when Avery stands up, the pool of blood is gone.
  • When Stan throws the knife behind his back, it sticks in the cupboard door that's second to the end, but when Bullock leaves the kitchen, it's suddenly stuck in the very end door.
  • The railing on the left side stairs at the diner has 2 downward support bars but in the wider shot, there are 3. Also, there are no bushes by the stairs in the close-up, but some appear in the wider shot. The entrance way under the broken window, has three panels in the close-up but four in the wide shot.

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