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Bullocks To Stan
Hayley has a fling with Stan's boss.

Season: 1 Episode: 8
Total Episode Count: 8
Prod. no.: 1ANJ09
First Aired: September 11, 2005

Guest Starring: Patrick Stewart, Stephen Root
Featuring: Avery Bullock, Stan, Hayley
Also Appearing: Klaus, Francine, Steve, Roger, Jeff Fischer, Dennis, Fred Ferguson, Jackson, Dick, Sanders, Trahn "Jimmy" Ng, Joe Rogan, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney
Musical Numbers: Africa, Little Girls

Director: Brent Woods

Assistant Director: Colin Heck
Writers: Alison McDonald
Storyboarders: Chris Bennett, Tim Parsons

Newspaper Headline: No Headline


At the CIA fair, Hayley gets into an argument with Director Avery Bullock. Stan believes that this will destroy his chance for a promotion. The next morning, Stan goes to Bullock's house to apologize but discovers that Bullock slept with Hayley. Stan is against it at first; however, Bullock says that Stan can get the promotion he wanted. Francine is against the relationship and Stan tries to make a man out of Hayley's ex-boyfriend Jeff whom Hayley broke-up with because he agrees with her on everything. Jeff and Hayley get back together and Hayley breaks-up with Bullock. He then tells Stan to kill Jeff and, when they go to the woods to do it, Jeff takes their SUV.

Tony Blair

At a diner, Bullock calls Hayley a slut which offends Stan and the two CIA men get into a lengthy fist-fight. Bullock then claims that this was all a test to see if Stan would stand up for his nation and family stating he will give him the promotion.

Meanwhile, Steve finds Dick Cheney's BlackBerry which contains info on the secret White House bunker, Halliburton bunker and Satan. Steve and Roger begin making prank calls to the world leaders but, when Argentina *69s the two, they panic.

In a second subplot, Klaus narrates what he sees around him as DVD commentary.

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