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Do blondes have more fun?

Blonde Ambition
Hayley decides to become a blonde.

Season: 10 Episode: 04
Total Episode Count: 176
Prod. no.: 9AJN01
First Aired: October 20, 2014

Featuring: Hayley
Also Appearing: Stan, Steve, Francine, Roger, Klaus, Snot, Barry, Toshi, Trudy Lawrence, Daniella, Danuta, DJ Iron Monkey
Musical Numbers: Roger Sings Jazz

Director: Rodney Clouden
Assistant Director: Chris Robertson
Writers: Carlo Hart, Evan Sandman based on a teleplay by Wayne Dublin, Carlo Hart, Evan Sandman
Storyboarders: Brian Mainolfi, Michael Baylis, Caleb Meurer, James Kim

Roger's Disguise: Nigerian Medical Student from "The Scarlett Getter"

Plot: When Francine, Roger and Hayley spot an activist collecting signatures, Francine and Roger ditch her while Hayley stops to chat, but becomes annoyed when not only is she working for a bogus cause, but everyone pays attention due to her being blonde. Complaining to Roger, he tries to distract her with a magazine article about DJ Iron Monkey, a billionaire activist and musician. At a bar, Hayley finds she is ignored in favor of her blonde mother so she decides to dye her hair blonde as well.

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Roger is pleased with the opportunity presented for celebrity charity events scams. At the club, Hayley finds that she is getting the attention she wanted but finds some of the celebrities are only paying lip service to their causes. Flying to an event in Las Vegas, Hayley attracts the attention of DJ Iron Monkey's aide who talks her into flying to DJ's private yacht for a party. At the party, Hayley is invited to a personal meeting with Iron Monkey under his disguise. She thanks him for his charity work which he tells her is for the environment, winning her over and offers to give her a private tour of the yacht. Stopping for drinks, DJ shows off his immense cork table that he uses as a stopper for the yacht, which Hayley questions as cork is endangered. DJ's logic of cutting them down now doesn't sound right to her but she is shushed temporarily until he slips off to talk to his aide about another date.

Left alone, Hayley examines the room and opens a secret window, discovering that the yacht is actually being pulled by slave whales. Realizing that she has become as shallow as the people around her, Hayley vows to free the whales, but bumps into her mom disguised in her normal outfit with her hair dyed black who had come to help, but becomes upset when she finds Hayley already found out her true self without her. Stopped by security, Hayley distracts him by challening Francine to a dance-off, sending Roger on to free the whales. Complaining the entire time, Roger scuba dives out and cuts the whales' chains. Not satisfied with their progress, Hayley decides to make sure Iron Monkey can't capture others. Finding the cork stopper, they use elephant tusks to pry it out of the hole, sinking the yacht as they jump overboard. As the yacht sinks, it smashes through an underground pipeline and the ensuing oil spill restores Hayley's natural hair color, but kills Iron Monkey and his guests. As the spill spreads over a vast section of the ocean, Roger's cigarette ignites it.

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Meanwhile, Stan returns home to find his door plastered with fliers. When he spots one for Hillside Acres, a new gated real estate community which promises no fliers tacked to doors. He becomes interested in the property and takes Steve along to check it out. After they break in, they encounter the caged guard dogs but are distracted by a dream home. Showing the place off for Steve who is unimpressed by the place, Stan gets him to imagine his own jacuzzi and sun deck and wins him over. When pretending to soak in the new hot tub, security arrives and releases the guard dogs who promptly attack Steve and Stan. Barricading themselves in the house, Stan insults the dogs and they climb in through the fireplace, chasing the pair until they catch Stan and maul his leg, until they manage to escape to the sun deck and barricade themselves again. Down to their last nail, Stan starts to take Steve out to spare him from the dogs when he spots a propane tank. Firing at the tank to scare off the dogs by the explosion, they succeed but find they have also set off the main gas line. Jumping into the hot tub, they ride it on the blast from the gas explosion but find the dogs still following by riding a board. Dodging to the side, they crash at the gates where Stan becomes annoyed that the mailboxes are located so far away from the house and decides he is no longer interested.

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