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  • This is the final new episode to air on FOX before permanently moving to TBS.
  • Cilantro's "El Perro" plays when Roger drunkenly tries to get a new girlfriend to show Qurrchhh.
  • This is the second time that Roger doesn't wear a disguise in the opening credits. The first time is in "1600 Candles". This is also the second time that the theme song is cut off, the first being in "Office Spaceman".
  • Roger and Klaus watch The Golden Girls. The theme song, "Thank You For Being a Friend" which can be heard, was written by Andrew Gold.
  • Stan reads "Reading For Dummies".
  • One message on the side of the gas station reads "Peter was here".
  • The calendar behind Stan when Roger phones him says "September", the same month the episode aired on FOX.

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