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  • This episode breaks the "fourth wall", intentionally making known the truth that the show is being seen on television and that they have sponsors to take into consideration when Stan is at Burger King.
  • The episode is dedicated to George Washington Carver, who invented "300 Uses for Peanuts...But Not Peanut Butter." In fact, while George Washington Carver did not invent peanut butter, neither did Mary Todd Lincoln: it was patented by Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Montreal in 1884 and was used by the Aztecs hundreds of years before that.
  • In the strip-club scene, the members of The A-Team are all present. In the establishing shot; Hannibal is front left, Faceman is front right, and B.A. wearing a grey baseball cap is back left, Murdoch is back right wearing his brown leather jacket and blue baseball cap.
  • Peanut butter is Steve's favorite thing in the world in this episode, and Jupiter's moon, Io, is his favorite thing in the solar system.
  • Francine's wine bottles are labeled "Told Klaus to Shut Up", "Found Out What Chutney Is", "Pet a Goat", "Someone Took My Advice", and "Sold a Pilot to NBC". She takes "Someone took my Advice" and "Told Klaus to Shut Up". In a deleted scene, she takes "Found Out What Chutney Is", after Hayley tells her it is "some kind of fruity sauce".
  • Despite being an ultra-conservative Republican, Stan mentions Grover Cleveland as being "the greatest President our country has ever known" even though Cleveland was a Democrat. He also teams up with Jimmy Carter, another Democratic President.
  • Steve incorrectly refers to Io as the "ice-moon of Jupiter". Europa is the moon of Jupiter covered in ice, while Io is covered with volcanoes.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Steve seems to have websites like Wikipedia blocked, but in "Irregarding Steve", he could access every site, even porn.
  • When Stan asks "If only there was a place where you could make outrageous claims, without any proof, and millions of people would accept it as fact…", then the scene flips to Steve typing up an article on "Wikipedia" on his home computer. The title of the article is "The Truth about Peanut Butter". All articles on the real Wikipedia related to peanut butter, Mary Todd Lincoln, and the Illuminati including The truth about peanut butter, were protected over the course of several days due to several vandals inserting information gleaned from the episode.

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