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Biscuit is Dick's dog whom his ex-wife Sheila got in their divorce in "Stan's Night Out". Dick decides to return to his house and steal back Biscuit, where he finds Sheila having sex with his barber, Al. Dick and Al fight and Al is knocked out and thrown into the trunk of Dicks car which had two people already kidnapped previously in the evening.

When Dick insults a hooker named Misty by refusing to pay for sex, she steals his car with the people inside the trunk and sells it to crime lord Fernando Jaramillo. When they are captured by Fernando and his men while trying to rescue the people from the trunk, Stan's first two escape plans involving Biscuit and Stan's mouse Cheesers backfire, and Dick is allowed to leave with a weary Biscuit who takes one last feeble swipe at one of the gang members, leaving Stan.

Dick keeps a coffee mug on his desk in "Flirting With Disaster" with Biscuit's picture on it. Francine looses a scab into the cup when her face peels after being hideously burned with acid by Lorraine.