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  • Lindsay Coolidge returns from "Francine's Flashback".
  • Steve shouldn't have had his thumb reattached by the ambulance.
  • At the scene where Francine is speaking in Mandrin to her mother, she is saying "Don't you think Stan is handsome."
  • From the computer database, Stan discovers that Francine's real parents live in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Hilton Head, S.C. is a completely flat barrier island. It looks nothing like the rolling landscape we see from the Dawson's estate.
  • Stan asks Roger if he ever saw Man on Fire, shortly before setting Roger on fire.
  • One of the firecrackers is named after The English Patient.
  • Another of the Firecrackers is a nod to to the Vietnamese prostitute in Full Metal Jacket.
  • Francine talks about watching T. J. Hooker with her parents growing up.

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