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Steve: Hommina, hommina, hommina, hommina, boner!

Stan: Then maybe I'll introduce her to... THE THICKNESSSSSSSSSS

Roger: Anyone wanna cut my head off and have sex with my body?
Prisoner: You look like a fat pear. I hate you, you fat grey pear!
Roger: [gasps] You monster! What turns you on? Flesh-colored non-fruit shaped people? [rips off Francine's costume] Like this one?! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT??!!
Prisoner: Now that's a head I can cut off!

Buckle: [about his haunted house] This is all stuff I wanted to do when I was an imagineer at Disney but was told my ideas weren't family-friendly.
Mailbox Prop: I'll skin you alive, you little whore!
Sharri: I'm getting my nails done. I guess I'm taking the pumpkin car since my Mazda's blocked in! And get this fakakta ghoul off the car!
Buckle: That's your navigation system, hun!
Ghoul: At the corner, take a fright!
Sharri: Shut up!

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