Sc015 0338
Stan, Francine and Steve

Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls
Halloween at the Smith family house

Season: 6 Episode: 3
Total Episode Count: 99
Prod. no.: 5AJN19
First Aired: November 7, 2010

Guest Starring: Sandra Oh, Grace Park
Featuring: Stan, Steve, Akiko, Toshi
Also Appearing: Francine, Roger, Klaus, Barry, Snot, Mrs. Yoshida, Buckle, Sharri Rothberg, Greg, Terry, Libby, Lindsay Coolidge, Manny, Doug, Trudy Lawrence, Melissa, Mr. Brink, Beth, Bat Boy, Maria Sharapova
Musical Numbers: Got To Be Real

Director: John Aoshima, Jansen Yee

Writers: Eric Weinberg
Storyboarders: Rudi Berden, Dave Bonanno

Roger's Disguise: Southern plantation owner from "Tears of a Clooney"

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After years of hosting the scariest haunted house in the neighborhood for years, Stan finds himself outdone by Buckle. Francine makes things worse when she finds herself returning and declares that it is impossible to beat him. Depressed, Stan goes to Roger for advice and Roger suggests he use his CIA influence to get real body parts and instruments. Stan decides to pull in five of the most dangerous serial murderers in the area. However, the killers sitting in their cell fails to scare anyone so Roger decides to make them scarier. First he rips off Francine's costume in front of them, leaving her in her underwear and then sets them loose; forcing Stan, Francine, Roger and Klaus to take cover in the kitchen. Stan apologizes for getting them into the mess and Francine admits she should have been more supportive.

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Meanwhile, Steve, Barry and Snot arrive at Toshi's house to go trick or treating, but find Toshi refuses to wear the Samurai costume his mother got him. Mrs. Yoshida asks Steve if they would mind taking Akiko with them and Steve is smitten. Toshi allows them to go out with the condition that they have Akiko back by sundown. They flee to the Langley Falls when they find out Toshi is looking for them. Taking refuge in a cave under the falls, Steve starts to move in on Akiko until Toshi bursts in and chases him to Vince Chung's Halloween party where he tells Toshi he is smothering his sister. Toshi agrees and leaves them together where Akiko admits she has a crush on another boy named Doug.

As the serial killers burst into the kitchen, Stan and others flee through the woods to a locked factory where they are rescued when Toshi arrives and kills the serial killers with his katana, leaving Roger to take home one of the killer's head.

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