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Beauregard Laurence LaFontaine is Langley Falls' premier hairstylist, but later moves to New York. He is a small, strange man who rides around on the back of a dog named Montague.

In "Star Trek", Francine tries to get an appointment with him but fails until Steve achieves stardom as a writer.

In "Irregarding Steve" when Roger and Steve go to New York city where he insults Steve's intelligence. It is revealed that he and his associates enjoy finding stupid people and mocking them.

In "100 A.D.", Beauregard was one of the people going to find Jeff and Hayley for the reward money, but he was on the bus that fell off the a cliff, killing 96 people, including himself. He returns in the episode recap in "Son of Stan".

Beauregard LaFontaine is voiced by Leslie Jordan.

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