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Barry Robinson is an obese, clinically insane and chemically retarded child.

Normally, Barry takes drugs that retard his criminal mind. As a result, he is naive and slow, and struggles making moral choices. For instance, when he remarks to Steve that he should respect her privacy when Steve tells of him overhearing Francine talking in "All About Steve". Barry can sometimes be reasonably nice. When on his drugs, he takes Stan's insults with rather good humor or completely ignores them. In "Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth", he is shown to be able to recognize insults. When Steve insults Snot, Barry raises an eyebrow and gives a sarcastic "Ouch".

Also, despite the drugs, there are times when his evil side leaks through. When Toshi, Snot, and Barry were beating Steve in "When a Stan Loves a Woman", during the beating Barry for no apparent reason says "let's kill his parents next, let's kill them all!" In "Spring Break-Up", he gets excited at the idea of hitting one of the girls with a beer bottle. In "Home Wrecker", he lies to Principal Lewis about how many shots were fired by mobsters leading to a nasty bullet wound in the principal's arm. When the principal asked why he lied, he says it was revenge for tipping his candy over at the start of the episode and then twists the wound adding to the pain. And in "You Debt Your Life", when Barry becomes the school public address announcer, he says a highly dark and disturbing speech into the microphone for the entire school to hear, before Principal Lewis takes over as announcer. He stabbed a killer in the neck with a hard shell taco at Taco Bell in "Steve, Snot, and the Quest for the Og 4Loko", bonding with Vince Chung in the process.


Barry's insanity can be explained by his family life; Barry's parents, Connie & Ted Robinson, have an S&M sex life Barry mentions in "Finances With Wolves", his uncle made him be in several secret basement movies as a child until he got too old in "May the Best Stan Win", indicating Barry was forced to, or since he is apparently sad that he had to stop, more like coerced to, be in child pornography, either with other kids, adults, or even his uncle "May the Best Stan Win", and he says that his parents don't care in "With Friends Like Steve's", then says in a depressed tone, "They never care." Snot mentions to Francine in "The Nova Centauris-Burgh Board Of Tourism Presents: American Dad" that Barry's mom won't let him use the iron, so he imagines himself as a successful dry cleaner in a live action role playing game.

In "The Future is Borax", Barry describes his parent's relationship as "toxic" from their passive-aggressive sniping at each other. However, they managed to reconcile after a visit to Rekindlings, a resort designed to help couples bond.

His parents are introduced in "Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted", where they are depicted as jovial swingers rather than fitting the description of Barry's abusive comments.


  • When not drugged, Barry is shown to be very good at manipulating people emotionally with either words or actions. For example, when Steve tries to expose his evil side Barry begins to cry while possibly pretending to be his nice self saying he was hanging around Stan because he never had a good father. This disarms Steve who accepts a plate of food Barry made, one of Stan's commemorative plates thereby setting him up for later.
    • He is also shown in "The Future is Borax" to actually be intelligent without his dark side, convincing Stan and Francine to seek marriage counseling. However, despite his good intentions, his advice does not work for them and he is slapped for it.
  • In "With Friends Like Steve's", he swallows a fly that crosses his face.
  • Barry also has a great talent for math. In "Home Wrecker", Principal Lewis tried to take advantage of Barry's counting skill to cheat at blackjack. He is so good at it that he can even count bullets fired past him.
  • Barry proves to be a skilled wrestler in "The Wrestler", nearly beating Stan's state high school record for consecutive wins until Stan hires Roger to beat Barry and break the winning streak.
  • Barry appeared in the Family Guy episode "Killer Queen" as one of the campers of fat camp.
  • Barry is heartbroken when Snot only pretends to be his gay lover in "The Missing Kink".
  • When Francine cuts Steve off from any food that she cooks in "Morning Mimosa", she invites Barry over to polish off the leftovers.
  • In "The Life and Times of Stan Smith", Barry is accepted to Gonzaga University to play basketball under coach Mark Few.