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"Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Boy" is sung by Steve Smith in "Minstrel Krampus" when he throws a temper tantrum at JC Toys when he is told he can't have a toy he wants by Stan and Francine Smith.


Steve: I'm the one they call a mystery

Francine: They?

Steve: I'm the one they call insane, oh

Ain't no other way I'm meant to be

I want this, gimme that

Francine: Are we to blame? Oh, no

Steve: If I told you once I told you twice

I'll never be a saint

Daddy, no

Mommy, no

Ain't no saint

Bad, bad, bad...bad, bad, boy

Back up singers: We want it, we want it

And you're paying for it

Steve: I'm no good

So bring me toys

Back up singers: I want it, I want it

Don't appreciate it

Steve: I know what's coming and I see the way

Back up singers: He gets whatever he wants

Steve: Ain't no other way to go

Back up singers: Don't you ever tell him no

Steve: When I want it, you buy it for me

Back up singers: We got you in our aim, so pony up the dough

Francine: Steve, you're the worst.

Steve: You want the worst?

Well, you gon' see the worst

'Cause I'm the best

The best at being worst