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Area 51

Area 51 is where Stan first encountered Roger.

In "Roger Codger", Stan recounts Roger had escaped containment in Area 51 and was running around the base looking for cover. Stan joined the pursuit squad and eventually cornered Roger in a lab. Roger pleads mercy, saying he means no harm. Stan is perplexed at Roger, for he was told that he'd be bigger and with claws. Roger shows he has claws by insulting Stan on on how fat he is. Immediately after, the squad also locates the alien and fills the room with hand grenades. Stan tries to lead Roger out of there and turn him in, but bumps his head into a lamp and is knocked unconscious. Roger manages to drag Stan out, throwing Stan and himself into the laundry chute just before the grenades explode. The two end up in a laundry transport truck going out of the base.

In "You Debt Your Life", Stan saves Roger when he wanders into the path of a bus. Klaus reminds him that he paid back Roger for saving his life the first time at Area 51. After arguing, Roger moves out and Stan replaces him with Andy Dick. When Roger comes to the conclusion that he needs to save Stan's life so he'll own him again, he pushes Stan into the polar bear enclosure at the zoo. However, Roger and Andy fight over rescuing Stan and the polar bear eats Stan's legs. Roger decides he can save Stan by recovering his fanny pack back at Area 51 that he dropped during their first escape. Working his way past the guards with an unconscious Stan, Roger locates his fanny pack and applies his salve to Stan's legs causing them to grow back but with tiny baby legs at first. They are discovered and Roger is recognized. Escaping from the guards, Stan pulls Roger into a laundry chute to avoid the grenades thrown at them. Roger is depressed because Stan no longer owes him a life debt again, but Stan admits he prefers Roger to Andy and agrees to take him back. They attempt to dump Andy out on the highway but are shocked when he starts chasing them, only to pass them up to rob a pharmacy.