Andrew Ryan Dick, (born December 21, 1965), best known as Andy Dick, is an American comedian, actor, musician and television/film producer. He is perhaps best known for portraying eccentric characters in films and television series, as well as his sensationalistic and controversial behavior related to substance abuse.

In "You Debt Your Life", Roger is replaced by Andy Dick when Roger and Stan argue after Stan saves Roger, paying him back for saving Stan's life at Area 51. After unsuccessfully trying to find a roommate, Francine finds Roger living in a YMCA. Francine suggests Roger try to remind Stan of all the good times they had together and Roger decides to try to meet with Stan at the zoo without Andy around after Stan replaces Roger. Stan meets Roger at the zoo but has brought Andy with him, spoiling Roger's chance. When Roger comes to the conclusion that he needs to save Stan's life so he'll owe him a life debt again, he pushes Stan into the polar bear enclosure. However, Roger and Andy fight over rescuing Stan and the polar bear eats Stan's legs. Roger decides he can save Stan by recovering his fanny pack back at Area 51 that he dropped during their first escape. They are discovered and Roger is recognized. Escaping from the guards, Stan pulls Roger into a laundry chute to avoid the grenades thrown at them. Roger is depressed because Stan no longer owes him a life debt again, but Stan admits he prefers Roger to Andy and agrees to take him back. They attempt to dump Andy out on the highway but are shocked when he starts chasing them, only to pass them up to rob a pharmacy.

Andy Dick's picture appears on the list of people excommunicated and forbidden to enter the Vatican in "Season's Beatings". He can also be seen in the water at the nude beach in "Killer Vacation", as one of the cannibalistic survivors in "The Two Hundred" and is seen at the nightclub Rubber in "Standard Deviation".

Andy attends the Juicy Lou concert at the Shark's Nest in "The Never-Ending Stories".

Andy is voiced by Nick Kroll.


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