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Francine: You know, Greg needs a new man. And I'm gonna help him find one.
Stan: Why?
Francine: Because that's what you do for friends. At least that's what I do for friends. In high school, my nickname was "Super Friend"...actually it was "Super Mouth"...actually it was "Suck Machine."
Stan: They called me "Stan the Man"...there was a girl in my class named "Stan."

Francine: This looks like a job for Suck Machine!
Greg: How'd you know my high school nickname?

Greg: Aren't you straight?
Memphis Stormfront: Yes, but I'm terrified of these people! They can control the weather!

Klaus: So umm, what happened back there?
Roger: [in a monotone voice] We went to the mall and had pizza 'cause that's what Dillon likes.
Hayley: Why is there blood on the Dream Phone?
Roger: He likes malls and pizza...and me.
Steve: [hesitantly] Roger...what's in this jar?
Roger: Dillon was being bad...and now we have the jar.

Klaus: Oh, she's good. Real good. Too good. This will end...poorly.
[Klaus changes the channel]
Offscreen Voice: RAVEN!
Klaus: Oh, she's so Raven. Real Raven. Too Raven! This will end...poorly.

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