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[Roger, Stan, Betty and Francine all hold hands]
Roger: God, are you there? It's me, Tom Yabo. [closes his eyes] I just wanna say thank you for sending me such an amazing woman and unbelievably generous lover. I mean, her giving to receiving ratio is like 3-1 minimum. Amen. So, Stan, how was work today?
[Betty hands him sweet potatoes]
Stan: Fine.
Betty: Stan, you speak up and look at Tom when he asks you a question.
Stan: [louder] It was fine, okay?! [spits out his sweet potatoes]
Betty: Stan, Tom worked really hard on this meal.
Stan: Well, it's gross and I don't like it.
Roger: Come on, champ. Give it another try.
Stan: SHUT UP, YOU'RE NOT MY DAD! [knocks over the table and walks out]
Betty: Stan!

Betty: Stan, I'm able to live on my own. This is all so necessary.
Stan: No mom, the Golden Globes are unnecessary. Chelsea Handler's career is unnecessary. Tucson, Arizona? Unnecessary.
[cut to a shot of Tucson, Arizona]
Voice-Over: Congratualtions, Tucson! You've been dadded!
[the word "Dadded" is then stamped]
Voice-Over: Nobody's safe.

Roger: Do think things between us will go back to the way they usually are next week?
Stan: I sure hope so.

Stan: Let me break it down for you son; family is your siblings, your kids, or most importantly people who you have physically been inside, sexually or as a fetus.

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