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  • Urban Dictionary defines "Fung" as "A male Asian normally with an unreal amount of swag."[1]
  • Fung Wah is named as an executive producer of the show in the credits.
  • The stock footage shown in the Fung Wah Resort in Bali advertisement is actually footage of Hilton hotels in Hawaii and Puerto Vallarta.[2][3]
  • Bullock notes that due to Stan's previous misadventures in time, the current timeline now has margarita machines and Israel.
  • According the the fine print in the newspaper story about Fung Wah, he is rumored to have made a deal with Satan to acquire his wealth, but calls to Satan were not returned.
  • "Jumpstart" by These Kids Wear Crowns plays during Stan's trip to the Langley Falls Shopping Mall.
  • Stan listens to Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock" while at work.
  • Sammi Cheung's "Mei Fei Se Wu" plays during the end credits.
  • Visible in Roger's avalanche of outfits are numerous previous outfits.
  • Translated, "Fung Wah" means "Magnificent Wind", and was the name of a low-cost bus carrier between New York and Boston.[4]
  • Mickey Mouse appears at the end of the episode; however, in "Familyland", Mikey Muskrat is the analog for Mickey.

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