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Welcome to CIA Headquarters, this is the Community Portal/Forum of the American Dad Wikia. If you need something to work on, look here. Or if you want to discuss the ADWiki, the most recent episode, or anything else, do so here as well.

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Do you want help on a page you're working on? Add it to this list. If you do not know what to do but want to help in some way? Look no further.

  • Most Wanted Pages -- These pages don't exist yet, but other articles link to them.
  • Short Pages --These need to be expanded with more information.
  • List of Stubs --These also need more information.
  • Dead-End Pages --These pages have no links to other pages.
  • Special Pages
  • Some of our episode pages are pretty naked. They need more information. If you have the DVDs, you are a very valuable member. Why not watch one of your favorite episodes now and add to our page about it? We need:
    • The characters in that episode
    • Those characters' filmographies to be updated on their pages
    • Any celebrity appearances in the episode
    • Similar documentation of that celebrity's appearances on his or her page. If it doesn't exist, maybe you could create it.
    • A few explanations of the references within the show
    • There are several templates used in this wiki that could be placed on many pages. For example, .

If you don't own the DVDs, why not report back to ADWiki every time you see an episode of American Dad on syndication or a new one on FOX? You'd be fulfilling your civic duty. Check the Main Page or the News to see what episodes are on the horizon. Check the News to see which episodes have recently aired.

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Cast and Crew


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