American Dad Wikia

This page is considered an official policy on the American Dad Wikia.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow.

Please be mindful that American Dad Wikia is an informational tool and not a chat board and has thus adopted a talk page policy to ensure that goal.

Article talk pages

Article talk pages are intended for questions regarding the subject, whether to ask for verification of information or to question a fact, not for editors to comment on what they liked or disliked about an episode. These talk pages should not be used for social conversations between users. They are to facilitate interaction that is relevant to the topic of the article. Comments deemed irrelevant are subject to deletion.

User talk page

User talk pages are to facilitate individual messages relevant to the users' activity on the wiki. As such, utilizing them for the purposes of social interaction is expressly conditional, and moderating action may be taken if threads do not meet the following guidelines:

  • The given topic is inappropriate, and does not adhere to policy or the principles of common decency and maturity, as is encouraged and typical of the wiki community.
  • The discussion is consistently out-of-scope with the site, with no meaningful elements relating to the series or the wiki, and will most likely grow to unmanageable proportions if allowed to continue - such that other editors may be unjustly inconvenienced.
  • The subject matter is unacceptably tangential and has strayed into the realm of sharing detailed personal information, which should not be discussed publicly.


These technical conventions should be used on all talk pages on American Dad Wikia:

  • Sign your posts: Users must sign their comments with four tildes (~~~~).
  • Headings for new topic: Users should make a new heading for each new discussion topic.
  • Indentation: New comments should be at a different indentation to the one above it (when using source mode for editing, this can be done by typing ":").
  • Replying at the bottom of a thread: User should always reply at the bottom of a discussion thread and refer to previous comments in their post as necessary. Addressing a particular comment directly below it and above succeeding comments is considered confusing.

Major violations such as advertising spam or illegal activity such as race, harassment, or other forms of baiting to cause trouble should be flagged by notifying an administrator. Please do not tag a talk page for deletion.

Continuous breach of these practices are included under the American Dad! Wiki:Blocking Policy as "removal of content". Admins will only remove items from walls that may be causing an issue with the wiki, including outdated links or inactive user art. Editors are generally free to perform housekeeping on their walls as they see fit, but bear in mind this does not permanently remove warnings issued by administrators.