• Mike Barker said that the genesis of the story for the episode was one of the writers, David Hemingson having to get braces for himself while at the dentist. [1]
  • Stan begs Francine to tell him she slept with someone else to conceive Steve. In "The Kidney Stays in the Picture", Stan would find out that he might not be Hayley's father as she slept with Joel Larson on the eve of their wedding.
  • Dan Vebber is the real name of one of the writers on the show and former writer of Futurama.
  • "Bo Peep", one of the strippers from "Stan Knows Best", stands in a booth at the Sci-Fi-convention. The policewoman who remembered that she wanted to work as a civil engineer after her breast implants popped from the same episode also appears.
  • At the Sci-fi Con, Stan mistakes two cosplayers of Agent Mulder and Agent Scully from The X-Files as actual government agents.
  • The supposed "Elvish" language on the first note and the RPG card is actually hiragana, one of the Japanese phonetic syllabaries.
  • When Roger is drinking from his hip flask, the MP from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp from "Threat Levels" can be seen.
  • Steve's copy of Wizards and Shut-Ins magazine claims there are 500 reasons why "Krull", the 1983 sci-fi movie, is better than sex.
  • The pair of Peter Jackson's underwear Steve burned was the pair he wore while he edited The Frighteners.
  • The hand from The Terminator appears in a glass case in the background when Stan shoots Dan Veber.
  • The Convention Center banner is misspelled as CONVEVTION.

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