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Alejandro Roja is a balloon pilot for Lady Carolyn Gilbert-Lawson, an agent for the Guinness Book of World Records who appears in a middle-Eastern village to award Achmed Asanti in recognition of the world's biggest falafel in "Wife Insurance". When Stan is kicked out of a helicopter by Jim who is intent on marrying Francine, he lands on the falafel, exposing it to be a fake. In an effort to get back to Francine before Jim, Stan threatens Lady Carolyn in order to take her hot-air balloon. When they arrive, Alejandro Roja proposes to Lady Carolyn. Unfortunately, their balloon catches fire shortly after leaving the Smith home and they crash.

He has a crowd scene cameo in "100 A.D." where he dies in the bus crash. He returns in the episode recap in "Son of Stan".

Alejandro is voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos.