Agent Crisp is the CIA Internal Affairs agent that tells Stan Smith that Deputy Director Avery Bullock is showing early signs of dementia and must have his memory erased in "The Full Cognitive Redaction of Avery Bullock by the Coward Stan Smith". Stan is reluctant but is ordered to show up with Bullock at the Lanceton Ice Factory. Stan picks up Bullock to take him to the factory but decides to not allow him to get his memory erased, pulling away from the agents surrounding them.

Stan explains what is happening and Bullock reveals that he is being set up as he is trying to prove misdeeds on the part of Agent Crisp. Stan takes Bullock to his personal safe room as Bullock explains further of a cover up engineered by Crisp that could destroy the oil industry. Bullock sets out to Kevin Costner's house as his brother Dan, who is a scientist, worked on the converter that they want to destroy. They find a clue that leads them to the SPCA and they dress as dogs to search but are thrown out. Stan feels that they are on a wild goose chase, but Bullock presents a rabbit's water bottle as proof. Francine calls with information that appears that Bullock really is losing it as he steals a nuclear sub. Crisp frantically tries to talk some sense into Stan before he is cut off. As they head out to take out the Houston Oilers, Stan becomes convinced that Bullock has really flipped and decides to take him out the way he wanted by killing him, after giving him the best day of his life. After Stan shoots Bullock, Bullock wakes up and pulls out a destroyed memory scrambler placed by Dick as a prank. Bullock rips Stan out for failing to follow procedure and demotes him.

Agent Crisp is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

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