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Adventures in Hayleysitting
Stan and Francine reluctantly let Hayley babysit Steve.

Season: 8 Episode: 06
Total Episode Count: 139
Prod. no.: 7AJN09
First Aired: December 9, 2012

Guest Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alison Brie, Charlie Day
Featuring: Stan, Francine, Steve, Hayley Fischer
Also Appearing: Roger, Klaus, Snot, Barry, Toshi, Jeff Fischer, Ron, Amy, Beth, Jenny, Lindsay, Sam, Steve, Nate, Donny, Nanny McPhee & Diamond
Director: Tim Parsons, Jennifer Graves

Writers: Matt Fusfeld; Alex Cuthbertson
Storyboarders: Rudi Berden, Mary Hoffman, George Kaprillian

Roger's Disguise: Cowboy from "Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth"


At a school soccer match, the Smith's babysitter Lindsay's leg is broken, leaving them without a sitter for their night out at a horse show. Hayley volunteers to sit and they crack up laughing due to Hayley's being irresponsible despite her opinion that Steve is a dweeb that anyone could sit. When they decide they can't go out on their date without a sitter they agree to leave Hayley in charge. As they leave with Roger as their carriage driver, Jeff offers pot brownies that he already ate, leaving him stoned. Hayley finds that Steve has invited his friends over in defiance of her but she is unimpressed. The boys then decide to head out to a party. Hayley refuses to let the boys out but they go upstairs and slip outside while Hayley is patting herself on the back for being an adult. As Hayley spots them, she and Jeff give chase but Francine's car runs out of gas due to Hayley's forgetfulness and the boys jump on a bus. At the hospital, Lindsay finds out that she'll lose her leg due to a staph infection.

As Jeff and Hayley search after getting Jeff's van, The boys find getting into the party may be harder than they expected. Jeff and Hayley find out where the biggest party is and get there before the boys, with Hayley deciding to drink while waiting. As the boys try to buy booze to get into the party, a meth user arranges to buy them their booze in exchange for cough syrup but gives exacting instructions that he needs the receipt. Steve strikes up a conversation with the clerk and gives her his number on the receipt. After Steve tells him the receipt is in the bag, the meth guy finds out there isn't a receipt and gets upset, vowing to track them down. At the party, Steve gets a text from the clerk as a drunk Hayley catches up with them.


On the date, Roger takes their carriage on the highway and races cars until he wrecks the carriage. As they begin to consider that they made a mistake, Roger is determined to get them to their date and places Stan and Francine on the horses. Unfortunately, the horses head back to their stable where the other horses perform for Stan and Francine as they make love, with their horses eventually joining in.

As Lindsay dies from her infection, Stan calls Steve and tells him they are heading home. Leaving them to try to get home first. Steve tries to drive home but is stopped by the police. After the officer runs down the list of charges and orders them out of the car, he is struck by the meth user who demands the receipt. He tries to call the clerk but the store is closed so they go to her house where Steve wrote his number on the receipt. Just as they get it, the girls father shoots the meth dealer and breaks down. The kids all get back toward home to find their mom's car where it ran out of gas. As they hear Stan and Francine approaching and almost give up pushing the car home, the ghost of Lindsay helps push the car the rest of the way and Steve puts in a good word for Hayley.

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