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Abba-Zaba is a peanut butter-centered taffy candy bar made in Hayward, California.

In an attempt to make his haunted house scarier than Buckle's in "Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls", Stan has five serial killers flown in and placed in the Smith house. The idea failed after Francine pointed out that the serial killers were menacing, but not scary, just like sharks in an aquarium. In an effort to salvage the plan, Roger released the serial killers who then chased the Smiths to the entrance of an old, abandoned prison. Just as the group is descending on the Smiths, Toshi, who was out chasing Steve for not bringing Akiko home from trick-or-treating on time, intervened and killed all five murderers.

While walking away, Toshi stabbed an open, partially eaten Abba-Zaba bar with his katana, and took a bite before walking away.