• Sam Cooke's "Good Times" plays during the sleepover flashback.
  • The disguise Roger wears while going to Stan's undercover mission is his Warren Beanstalk disguise from "Daddy Queerest".
  • It's revealed that there was a 5th member of Steve's gang named Ronnie who moved to Scottsdale later on.
  • This is the first time Toshi's Japanese is called out. Where Snot stated "Learn English! LEARN... ENGLISH!"
  • During the planning of their sleepover at school, Steve mentions they will watch "an 80's crap-fest", mentioning Critters and Critters 2; both movies star Scott Grimes, the voice of Steve Smith.
  • During Steve's flashback to when he and his friends had sleepovers as kids, Toshi can be seen wearing a shirt with a pink Pikachu on it. Pikachu is a character from the Japanese anime series Pokémon. Also during said flashback, Barry is seen with pajamas depicting a Mario-lookalike.

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