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Sc650 2-0213

A Piñata Named Desire
Roger asks Stan to attend an acting class, but tempers flare when they audition for the same role.

Season: 6 Episode: 11
Total Episode Count: 107
Prod. no.: 5AJN07
First Aired: February 13, 2011

Guest Starring: John Cho, Lucy Lawless
Featuring: Roger, Stan Smith
Also Appearing: Francine, Hayley, Steve, Klaus, Avery Bullock, Saunders, Eric, Barry, Toshi, Snot, Vince Chung, Lisa Silver, Dennis, Marty Nipples, Danny, Franz, Stacy, Ronnie, Mr. Rivera-Perez, Lil' entourage, Jacinda, Peter & Bess, Jaimee & Daryl
Musical Numbers: Breakin

Director: Bob Bowen

Assistant Director: Jacob Hair
Writers: Chris McKenna, Matt McKenna
Storyboarders: Dave Bonanno, Megan Kelly

Roger's Disguise: Abbreviated opening


After Roger auditions for the lead in a play, he and Stan squabble at dinner over who is the top dog in the house. Stan mentions his CIA undercover work which Roger dismisses as fantasy. But when Stan heads out for a mission, Roger follows him and discovers it is true. Unfortunately, Stan blows his cover and is revealed to only get silent parts because he can't act. When Stan appeals to Roger for help, Roger asks Stan to attend an acting class taught by one of Roger's personas. After Roger successfully teaches Stan how to act, he is stunned when Stan manages to get the lead in the play that Roger wanted. Roger disables the leading lady and her understudy to take their role and proceeds to try to show Stan up as the better actor. After their battles to top each other, Roger thinks he has the upper hand when they come to the love scene, something Stan had always hesitated at before. After a momentary freeze, Stan throws himself into his acting and Roger on the table, resulting in their arrest for performing an indecent act. With Roger and Stan friends again, Hayley observes as she had said earlier that all they needed to do was fuck.

Sc606 2-0051

Meanwhile, Steve and his friends try to plan a slumber party. When they get teased at school, they plan on having one last blowout party to end all parties. Unable to agree on a pizza for the sleepover, it comes to light that Steve's friends believe they really are too old for such things. Steve attempts to amuse himself when the guys arrive for the sleepover saying they got an e-mail. Puzzled as to who sent it, it is revealed to be Ronnie, a long-lost black friend who moved away who received a mysterious e-mail of his own telling him of the gangs impending break-up. In the end, the boys say goodbye to another part of their youth and Steve admits he isn't really sure if Ronnie is who he said he was, or just a stranger who overheard their arguments.

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