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Crackhead Booboo: Hey!, As long as you're giving out crack, how 'bout you throw a little ding-a-dong ding ding ol' Crackhead Booboo's way?
Dealer: Not now, Mom, I'm working.

Officer Figpucker: I'm afraid that was an illegal U-turn, ma'am
Francine: Oh come on, I live right there. Can't you just give me a break, pig-fucker?
Figpucker: That is not my name, ma'am.

Roger/Fantasia Lopez: I'm gonna keep swinging my baby lasso 'til I catch me a man.

Steve: I will hate you until the day I die.

[After Stan leaves rehab]
Hayley: Mom, while we're here, I really think I should check myself in for my pot problem.
Francine: Just stop it, Hayley.

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