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A113 is an animation in-joke first known to originate in the Amazing Stories episode "The Family Dog" and used in many other movies and television shows. A113 is a classroom used at the California Institute of the Arts for graphic design and character animations, widely recognized by alumni of the institute.[1]

A113 appears in the following scenes in American Dad!:

Chuck White's license plate in "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man".

The Hummie's license plate in "Love, American Dad Style".

On a boxcar in "Permanent Record Wrecker".

The directors' clapboard for Marble Trouble in "A Star Is Reborn".

The locomotive tender on the model train bears the number in "The Shrink".

The classroom next to the bulletin board for team tryouts in "The Life Aquatic With Steve Smith".

The jets directed by Jeff in "Daesong Heavy Industries II: Return to Innocence" feature the number on their nose.

Rafferty Westmore's boat during the Lifeguards theme song in "Bahama Mama".

The license plate of the guy who doesn't want House of Lies spoilers in "Whole Slotta Love".

A dune buggy at Roger's Burning Man has A113 on its side in "Camp Campawanda".

Snot's car in "Shell Game" bears the number on its license plate.

Francine's mugshot in "Little Bonnie Ramirez" starts with A113.