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  • According to the DVD commentary, a rejected plotline had Roger going to the family he was with before the Smiths, who would have been played by E.T. actors Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore.
  • The montage of Stan and Francine's life with Mr. PiBB is accompanied by Kim Mitchell's 1985 song, "Go For Soda".
  • The song played during the montage of Stan and Francine's hunt for signatures is G. Love & Special Sauce "Cold Beverage".
  • The flashback during Roger's song shows how Stan was able to get Roger to come live with them four years ago by introducing him as a present at Steve's tenth birthday. Contrary to Steve's reaction, Hayley and Francine are horrified at the first sight of him.
  • In the "When I Was His Alien" musical montage, the girl who slaps Steve when he tries to get his arms around her is Kim from "Stan Knows Best".
  • The car confused for the Mr. PiBB Mobile is a Volkswagon Jetta.
  • When Roger is crossing a busy motorway, he is clearly seen drinking a bottle of Joe Daniello's Whiskey, a spoof version of Jack Daniel's and a play on the director. In the same scene, Stan Smith can also be seen driving behind Roger wearing his suit and driving his SUV.
  • During the flashback montage, a parody of the Patrick Nagel painting "Sunglasses" can be seen on the wall.
  • Josh Bycel's "Supervising Producer" credit is misspelled as "Josh Bycell".

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