• This is the first American Dad! episode to be nominated for an Emmy.[1]
  • This episode replaced the newspaper gag by having Roger wear a different disguise in the opening.
  • Roger says that turning 1600 is a big deal on his planet. Presumably, he is turning 1600 in his planet's years, as opposed to Earth years; it has not been established how old he is in Earth years.
  • "If You Were Here" by The Thompson Twins is played at Roger's birthday party with Klaus.
  • The censored area over Steve's waist is expanded to cover the entire hip area in the promo image.
  • Hayley is grossed out by Steve's red pubic hair. Stan and Steve previously identified Steve's hair color as ginger, a shade of red, in "Widowmaker".
  • Among the problems Hayley had going through puberty includes: disliking wearing tampons, the size of her breasts and her first pimple.

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