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  • This episode is celebrated as American Dad!'s 100th episode by production order. "Stan's Food Restaurant" was the 100th episode to be broadcast.
  • The episode marked its 100th episode by killing off 100 characters. The seen characters included in the count:
  1. A dog killed in a gas station bathroom.
  2. Mr. Kirkoff
  3. Ted Feedler
  4. Black-haired stripper from "G-String Circus"
  5. Bjorn
  6. Tanqueray
  7. Paco
  8. Belmonpan
  9. Katie
  10. Chipmunk Furry from "One Little Word"
  11. Meg Penner
  12. Mr. Aids
  13. Meter attendant beaten up by Stan in "Meter Made"
  14. Beauregard LaFontaine
  15. Montague
  16. Clifford
  17. Bob Hope impersonator from "In Country...Club"
  18. Woman with white blonde hair
  19. Tall-headed man
  20. Balding man with glasses seen at the Smith's party in "Homeland Insecurity"
  21. Overweight woman seen at the Smith's party in "Homeland Insecurity"
  22. Alejandro Roja
  23. Pillow Hands McGraw
  24. Bus Driver from "Of Ice and Men"
  25. Ray
  26. Matty Moyer
  27. Gertie
  28. Street racer from "Dungeons and Wagons"
  29. Man with glasses and no tie
  30. Casey
  31. Coco
  32. Arboreus
  33. Arboreus gang member
  34. Clown with Glasses
  35. Duper
  36. Brett Morris
  37. Bobby the Bullet
  38. Hotel manager
  • The death count was as follows:
A dog exploded when Stan Smith looked for Hayley Smith's chip (Death 1).
A bus fell off a cliff (Deaths 2-97).
Brent Morris was impaled by Bobby The Bullet (Deaths 98-99).
The hotel manager hung himself by a noose (Death 100).
  • The Wilhelm Scream is heard when the bus falls off the cliff.
  • Reginald Koala's limo's license plate reads 307 HSV (Holden Special Vehicle), an Australian super car. 307 is a reference to the engine power in kw.
  • While allowing for the various season counts, Brett Morris actually appeared in the third episode of the season, not second as he says.
  • The bus crash is said to have killed 96 people, but not even 50 people appear to be on the bus. However, it did crash onto a busy freeway below the cliff and exploded, presumably killing other motorists.
  • Snot, Barry and Toshi are riding their bikes on one lane of the road, but the cars on the other lane are traveling the same way.
  • Roger mentions the Simpsons two-part episode, "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" where at the end it was revealed it was Maggie.