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AmericanDad 100th R450eF
100th Episode

100 A.D.
Pt 1 of 2

Season: 6 Episode: 01
Total Episode Count: 97
Prod. no.: 5AJN14
First Aired: October 3, 2010

Featuring: Hayley Smith, Jeff Fischer, Francine Smith, Stan Smith
Also Appearing: Steve, Roger, Klaus, Avery Bullock, Reginald Koala, Mia & Sandy, Gil, Buckle, Sharri Rothberg, Susie, Father Donovan, Ted Feedler, Principal Lewis, Debbie Hyman, Barb Hanson, Casey, Dennis, Coach Andrews, Vince Chung, Bjorn, Alejandro Roja, Tanqueray, Katie, Pillow Hands McGraw, Bobby the Bullet, Montague, Beauregard LaFontaine, Clifford, Belmonpan, Paco, Meg Penner, Mr. Kirkoff, Greg, Terry, Jessica, Tracy, Randy, Snot, Toshi, Barry, Arboreus, Saunders, Dick, Jackson, Ray, Midget Assassin, Marcus, Coco, Mr. Brink, Gertie, Mr. Aids, Matty Moyer, Duper, Joey, Todd, Linda Memari, Bob Memari, Hercules, Pandora, Shaggy Rogers & Velma Dinkley, Garfield, Loni Anderson, Brett Morris, Lorraine, Dill Sheppard, Andrew, Trudy Lawrence, Miles, Mr. Durbin
Musical Numbers: Jeff's Song

Director: Tim Parsons
Assistant Director: Jennifer Graves
Writers: Keith Heisler
Storyboarders: Rudi Berden, Dante Fabiero, Patrick Kochakji

Roger's Disguise: Non-standard opening Roger opens the episode by announcing that they will celebrate their 100th episode by killing off 100 previous characters.

Plot: At the Smith house, Jeff is serenading Hayley and Stan starts to shoot him. Hayley begs him not to, although she declares she has no interest in him at the present. When Roger and Steve lose the remote to the television, they decide it's time for another adventure for Wheels and the Legman until Klaus cuts them off and Roger finds he has the remote in his butt. Stan and Francine confront Jeff and tell him that he is not good enough for Hayley, leaving him in tears.


Meanwhile, Bullock has assigned Reginald to be his personal chauffeur. Reginald sees Jeff crying and tries to convince him that Hayley just needs her space. Roger and Steve attempt to keep their Wheels and the Legman fantasy going, but have trouble finding a mystery. Jeff confronts Hayley at Groff Community College and opens up to her. When Stan and Francine return home, they find a note from Hayley that she and Jeff have run off to elope.

Stan reveals he planted a tracking chip in the kids skulls and he and Francine start to follow. Jeff reveals his plans for the future which leave Hayley with regrets. The tracking chip leads Stan and Francine to a gas station where they find Hayley has transferred the chip to a dog. However, Hayley borrowed her mom's credit card and Stan and Francine start to follow where it was used. Fearing they still won't catch up in time, Francine grumbles about the $50,000 they set aside for a dream wedding for Hayley. Stan decides to offer it as a reward to anyone who can stop the wedding, setting off a wild chase.


Stopping at a motel, Hayley becomes depressed about their prospects and goes out for a walk. Jeff sees the reward offer on television and panics. As everyone pursues them to Reginald's amazement, Bullock tells of his sexual escapades with Hayley from "Bullocks To Stan", angering Reginald who challenges Bullock to a fight.

Jeff calls Stan to take advantage of the reward, offering to leave Hayley in exchange for the money. They meet Jeff at a roadside store where Jeff takes the money and tells them to find Hayley back at the motel where Hayley is desperately trying to avoid everyone trying to capture her. Stan arrives and announces that Jeff was already given the reward. Francine tells her that Jeff is no good and Hayley leaves to get her stuff.

Puzzled when Hayley takes too long to get her stuff, Stan and Francine break into the motel room to find the motel manager had hanged himself. Hayley left a note explaining that they plotted to rip off her parents for the reward money so they could elope in style, although Hayley points out it was Jeff's idea. Stan finally becomes impressed with the resourcefulness of the two as Jeff and Hayley ride off together.