(You Gotta) Strike For Your Right
Hayley leads a strike at the CIA.

Season: 13 Episode: 06
Total Episode Count: 240
Prod. no.: CAJN05
First Aired: March 12, 2018

Guest Starring: Vince Gilligan
Featuring: Hayley, Stan
Also Appearing: Francine, Steve, Roger, Klaus, Jeff, Jackson, Dick, Stiles, Ray, Lorraine, Hooper, Marcus, Eric, Matt Weitzman, Avery Bullock, Katie, Vince Gilligan
Director: Shawn Murray

Assistant Director: Jee Hyun Yoo
Writers: Tim Saccardo
Storyboarders: Jamie Iglehart, Frank Jen

Roger's Disguise: Rafferty Westmore as Denver Dallas from "Bahama Mama"

(You Gotta) Strike for Your Right

Hayley gets a job as a delivery driver and begins delivering lunch to Stan's office. When she sees the terrible work conditions, she tries to pitch improvements to Avery, who is working in comfort, but his idea of helping makes conditions worse, so she leads the CIA office on a strike, although Stan refuses to go along with it as he is occupied with a genetically enhanced wolverine. He finds himself taking up the slack in the office despite Avery's games, such as Home Alone. Hayley presents an elaborate presentation, which Avery accepts to Stan's disappointment and gives her a position as a negotiator to boot, with Stan getting fired for being a scab.


Hayley's negotiations with a warlord end up with her being taken hostage when she brags about her importance. Stan gets the news from Bullock and finds out that no one can go on a rescue mission due to time off awarded in the strike negotiations, so Stan goes on his own. He observes the guerrillas complaining about their work load, so he tricks them into thinking that he is from a better-off branch and gets them all to strike. While they are occupied striking, he frees Hayley. Admitting that there is a time and place for strikes, such as destroying an organization from the inside, he puts a bag over Hayley's head and carries her out.


Meanwhile, the rest of the family watches Breaking Bad from the last episode to the first. But when Francine notes that it would have been better to watch the episodes in reverse as well, they find a secret message from show creator Vince Gilligan that leads them on a trip to Albuquerque for treasure. Driving backwards to Albuquerque, they are stopped by a police officer who gives them their next clue. At a drive-though car wash used in Breaking Bad, Francine, believing she has a handle of Vince's thought process, drives though the wall and they are given yet another clue. Following a string of more clues, they find a "treasure chest" which contains the body of Vince after his stunt to meet his "reverso" fans in person fails, although they get the $100 in his pocket for their treasure.

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